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Halloween Weekend in Tbilisi: Saturday

So, some of my TLG friends up here in Gldani decided to throw a Halloween party at my house. The plan was to have everyone dress up, and they’d handle the specifics. I told a bunch of people about this … Continue reading

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Halloween Weekend in Tbilisi: Friday

I had quite a weekend. Friday was a friend’s birthday. A group of ten of us gathered at a place called “” down in the very posh Vera district. has some merits and some flaws, which I will detail … Continue reading

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Last night some of my students took me to a little place on the northern outskirts of Tbilisi for an outdoor barbecue supra. Let me start by saying I had an amazing time and everything was pretty much perfect. The … Continue reading

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Blog makeover, Marshutka project launch

First, if you look around this site, you might notice that I’ve replaced the old header with a picture of Sighnaghi and Kakheti’s lowlands. I took this on my recent trip to Sighnaghi. You can see how lovely the town … Continue reading

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Children in Bloom

Picture this scene: I am sitting in a courtyard in a former Soviet state. With me is a woman – smart, beautiful, young, ambitious, American-educated. She sips her Red Mocha Latte as I pontificate about the sad state of sex … Continue reading

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Yesterday I went on a TLG-run excursion to a wine-making school in Kakheti. It was awesome. I got a call from a friend on Friday night asking if I was going on said trip. I hadn’t heard about it, so … Continue reading

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Projects in Tbilisi

I have a bunch of free time here in my new home city, and it occurs to me that as an American who is used to a certain set of conveniences, I could busy myself by starting up some projects … Continue reading

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Metro Revisited; Georgia’s culture shock

On second thought, the Tbilisi Metro isn’t quite as bad as the New York City subway. People here in Georgia have been very subtly telling me that I need to be more positive about their country. It seems that this, … Continue reading

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Tbilisoba, Night One: METTEL IN GLDANI

Tbilisoba is a holiday in Georgia that celebrates something about Tbilisi. I’m not clear on exactly what. Tbilisi was founded in the fifth century AD by Georgian King Vakhtang I Gorgasali. According to legend, Vakhtang was hunting a pheasant, and … Continue reading

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Comments policy explicated

If there’s one thing I didn’t want to do with this blog, it was clutter it up with administrative posts. However, the number of low-quality comments has been increasing and, in an effort to keep this blog unmoderated, I’m going … Continue reading

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