Blog makeover, Marshutka project launch

First, if you look around this site, you might notice that I’ve replaced the old header with a picture of Sighnaghi and Kakheti’s lowlands. I took this on my recent trip to Sighnaghi. You can see how lovely the town is, some of the valley below, and between them the wall, dotted with watchtowers, from which I later watched the sun set. The full version of the above picture, as well as many other pictures from that trip, will make it to facebook pretty soon. I’ve also put in a colored border that I find pleasant.

Second, I’ve added a button on the right sidebar to subscribe to this blog. If you do that it’ll notify you by email when I’ve posted. The button is all the way down at the bottom of the sidebar. I’m also trying out this thing where you update here and it posts your update to facebook, so, we’ll see how that works. I never put much thought into this stuff before because I honestly didn’t imagine that very many people would ever be looking at this blog or care when I updated, so I hope you’ll all bear with me through my blog’s growing pains.


In other news, I’ve launched a new blog which I call the Georgia Transit Project. I figured that if we do end up using some website to coordinate the mapping and scheduling of several hundred mass transit routes, we’d want a separate site for it so as not to crowd out the content of this one. The layout is a little different and should support an increased level of activity.

So, as of now, I’m officially looking for volunteers. I’ll be posting about this there, but as I said previously, my goal is to map all of the marshutkas in Tbilisi. Right now I need help with planning, organizing, brainstorming a strategy, and of course I will need volunteers to tell me about marshutkas they know about, and to do the groundwork – that is, to go ride marshutkas and map them. The site is called Georgia Transit Project because I imagine that once we’ve got some momentum and the Tbilisi marshutkas are mapped, we might want to map other transit options (like intercity and international marshutkas) and/or to do other projects to improve transportation and people’s access to it in Georgia.

So if you’re interested in helping out, or just following the project, check it out:

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4 Responses to Blog makeover, Marshutka project launch

  1. allentl says:

    Have you seen this:

    Interesting project.


  2. Derek says:

    I was just thinking about doing something like this! Glad I found your blog. Do you know of a map of Tbilisi bus routes (as opposed to marshrutkas)? Even with Info-Tbilisi, I find the buses hard to navigate sometimes and I’ve seen plenty of Georgians make mistakes.

    Also, you may find the following websites helpful: (a project of ). This is NOT OpenStreetMaps or Google MapMaker, they generate their own data. (I found this last weekend while researching my first Tbilisoba, and I’ve found it useful for landmarks and neighborhoods).

    Anyway, I’m kind of a minor transit geek, so I’m all about this idea–when can we start?


    • panoptical says:

      Hi. Nice Winter’s Tale reference in your blog name. I lolled the second I saw it.

      I noticed you commented over on the project blog… I’ll keep the conversation over there, but I’d like to start as soon as we figure out the details.


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