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Thanksgiving in Georgia

One of the many quirks of the Georgian expat life is that we have to make our own holidays out of whatever we can scrounge up here in the central Caucasus region. So far Halloween and Thanksgiving have come and … Continue reading

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I’ve hit a rut

Today, the stress just sort of piled up too high and I ended up having an extended bitch session with one of my neighbors and fellow TLG volunteers. There are several broad categories of problems that TLGers are having here … Continue reading

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Experiences have been piling up so much lately that I fear I’ve fallen woefully behind on reporting them. I feel like there are things I am forgetting already that I wanted to record. But let me talk about a theme. … Continue reading

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Blog Carnival Announcement: Money in Georgia

I’ve decided to host a Blog Carnival about Money in Georgia. Basically the way this works is that anyone who is interested in participating will write a blog post about the topic “Money in Georgia” and send me a permalink … Continue reading

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Regional Politics

I read an interesting article in The Economist this morning about Georgia’s position in international politics. I’ve talked before about America’s reasons for being interested in Georgia, but I mostly ignored Iran, so I’d like to revisit that topic and … Continue reading

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The Enemy Has A Name

I did some research (translation: asked one of my cop friends) and found out that the TV station that keeps slamming TLG and its members (including me, this blog’s humble author) is the media arm of a party called the … Continue reading

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Tomas Fletcher and the perils of Friending your students

Two of my favorite commentarians have asked me about my opinion on the Tomas Fletcher situation. I have now heard about this from four different sources and seen the news report on it. The story, from what I understand, is … Continue reading

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I’ve been trying to find the right way to say this. It seems like whenever I talk about Georgian culture I’m relying on certain assumptions about culture that other people don’t really share. I might as well just lay them … Continue reading

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