The Enemy Has A Name

I did some research (translation: asked one of my cop friends) and found out that the TV station that keeps slamming TLG and its members (including me, this blog’s humble author) is the media arm of a party called the Christian Democratic Movement of Georgia.

The Christian Democrats are the most popular of Georgia’s many opposition parties. However, they are, at present, nowhere near strong enough to actually win an election. All they can really do is make a lot of noise.

This party wants to establish an official state religion in Georgia. This party opposes TLG because us Westerners are immoral. This party is so opposed to gay rights that they would rather have Georgia criminalize gay behavior than have Georgia remain in the Council of Europe. That’s right, the Christian Democrats basically want to cut ties to Europe and the West because the West is evil and immoral and full of gay people.

This is the party that has orchestrated a smear campaign against TLG. They have targeted a number of TLG members as examples of the immorality that foreigners will bring to Georgia – including myself and Tomas Fletcher.

Now, I’m all for free and open debate, but it seems like these people are targeting individuals and resorting to tactics that seem more like personal intimidation than spirited debate, and are getting more and more tabloid-like with each new round of attacks. And of course when they ran their little news segment about my blog, they didn’t bother to contact me, or to get any of the details right – like who I teach or where I live, for example.

So first, to all TLGers, both current and prospective – you need to know that anything you do in public and anything you put on the internet could potentially be taken out of context and used against you and/or TLG by the Georgian equivalents of Rush Limbaugh and Pat Robertson. If you don’t want this kind of attention, you may need to tighten up the privacy controls on your facebook and password-protect your blog. If, on the other hand, you have no problem going toe to toe with these idiots, I urge you to speak out for what you think is right.

And second, to the Christian Democratic Movement and your propaganda machine Maestro – you guys are jerks. Maestro, for masquerading as news without mustering a shred of journalistic integrity; and the Christian Democrats as a whole for trying to strip gay people of their basic human rights. That’s right, you are jerks, and your opinions are bad, your actions are immoral, and your hatred of other human beings if fundamentally evil, not to mention un-Christian. We have people like you in the US, too – people who are so backwards-thinking and regressive that they can’t even see how obsolete and ridiculous they are.

Here’s a news flash, assholes: nobody gives a shit about your little manufactured scandals. The more publicity you give to us Westerners and our scandalous ways, the more used to it Georgians will become and the less anyone will care about your vapid temper tantrums. So bring it on, because as long as we are working together to solve real problems, and you are working against us to invent fake problems, all you do is highlight how small-minded and useless you are. And feel free to quote me on that on your cable news show.

This song’s for you, Christian Democratic Movement of Georgia:

Video: Bad Religion, Operation Rescue

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45 Responses to The Enemy Has A Name

  1. Anonymous says:

    Damn, well put!

  2. loe says:

    Actually not.
    In fact I agree CDs are idiots, but not quite in that sense you put it. Yes, they are conservative( more like they play to be), and manipulate with religious themes, but it’s only natural for Georgia and this kind of tactic could apply to ALL Georgian parties, including the leading party. Majority of Georgian opposition parties are radical and ‘religion-tradition-nationalism’ oriented. Let’s say it’s an essential cliche you have to occupy as a politician if you want to gain support in Georgia. Yes, opposition members get hysterical when it comes to homosexuality, western lifestyle proclivities and values, just as generally most Georgians do. But CDs are a lot more reserved and far open to integration into western world, compared to other opposition parties. I highly doubt, more like I can claim that they are not the most popular opposition party in Georgia(There is some reason to ignore election results, but this will take us too far). “Non-parliamentary” opposition, those who prefer street demonstrations to parliament meetings, have a lot more supporters than christian democrats, and they openly blame “Parliamentary opposition” like CDs in collaborating with the government – and Maestro (like another opposition leading TV channel Kavkasia) is mainly preoccupied with promoting these messy parties. Actually, you can hardly ever hear much in favor of CDs on Maestro.
    I don’t mean to defend this party, the point that I’m trying to make here is that there are many – other ‘jerks’ who are far more regressive and the focus on christian democrats in this case is a little bit irrelevant.

  3. pasumonok says:

    I don’t think that this party is worse than any other. They are all jerks! Actually, there are even worse jerks around.
    But I will drink to the proposed “toast” for Maestro! Thank you eternally for showing us what is immoral, unethical and downright rude!
    As in any toast, I would like to add my two cents:
    Here is to you Maestro and that little shitty newspaper “Asaval-dasavali” that published pics of Thomas Fletcher and wrote an article that mostly consisted of one word: “phallus”. May you burn in a newspaper hell for hating on anybody so much!

  4. pasumonok says:

    Thank you eternally for showing us what is immoral, unethical and downright rude!—I was addressing Maestro, not Neil 🙂

  5. pasumonok says:

    Neil, I am translating this stupid article for you. How can I send it to you?

  6. says:

    So I’ve been following your blog off and on. I’m a half-Italian, half-American (grew up in NYC) living part-time in Tbilisi at the moment, in a flat on Grishashvili St. I’m a writer, not a teacher – just love the city! I’m in Oxford at the moment, but my vacation starts in December and I’ll be heading back then. Any interest in meeting another American?

  7. passing by says:

    LOE’s comments are actually very true, It’s not just Christian-Democrats. Most of the opposition parties are extremely homophobic and anti-Western. CD even less than everyone else so, I would say. I f###ing hate these hypocrites! All of them, including CDs and their disgusting leaders Targamadze and Grigolia.

  8. rezo says:

    Hey Tomas,
    Dont give to much attention to them, they are just trying to use all propogandic tools against the goverment, like fox news is doing against Obama adminitraition..
    Georgians as general are not as hysterical as those mad opposotion parties and their simpataisers in Georgian media..
    just their asses

    • Pegi Карпенко says:

      Georgians in general are not as hysterical and mad as your President. How can you consider yourself to be normal when you adore the Georgian government and all its terrible crimes it has committed against its own nation. I’m ashamed of having Georgian blood after watching the head of the government on TV, this mad bare man standing in front of cameras and talking nonsense as usual. Georgia is already completely invaded and sold, Congratulations! Anyway I hope Georgian people will wake up one day as Ukrainians and Kyrgyzstan people where the Americanization completely failed.

      • rezo says:

        deal with your total corrupt system in Russia..
        you have no Georgian blood, only KGB one..
        Ukrainans and kyrgizs are comming to Georgia to learn how to do reformsin various spheres, check “georgian police reforms” on youtube..
        i wish to you the same faith as kyrgizs had and hope one day Russia cwill ease its existence!
        even conservaitve part of our socity understands the real nature of our northern neighbour, so why dont you go fuck yourself instand of moralizing?

        • Pegi Карпенко says:

          Do you watch only Rustavi2 and Imedi TV? Please stop talking about Russia and the Kremlin, there life is much better than in Georgia and in Ukrainian as well. When the Rose Revolution took place in Georgia I was so hopeful, I was expecting so many positive changes, but in vain. Georgia is a country of illusions. In fact everything is getting worse and worse, I returned to Tbilisi about one month ago and noticed that life is already unbearable here. No justice, no diplomacy ( all the time irritating, offensive expressions and personal insult towards the head of Russia, which the whole world is scared of ) new lost territories. It’s so funny when someone talks about another country’s corruption, look at his palace, and tell me where he got money from to build such a luxurious palace which costs one billion dollars. He and his relatives and his entourage order the import (because the export doesn’t exist any more from Georgia) We have the large foreign debt of about 9 billions dollars that this government has accumulated during these years. The corruption in Georgia has turned into an elite one, rigid controls over free speech and the medias, unemployment everywhere, Georgian language discrimination, the killed Prime Minister, The State based only on policy regime and do you want me to go on?………

      • Razha says:

        Only Georgian blood you have is on your hands and not in your veins. When you stupid Kremlin puppets will learn that you have no support here? The more of such stupidity you post on the web (everywhere from facebook to youtube) more people understand that you are just a brainless zombie working for Kremlin propaganda.

        PS -smart move to pick an Ukrainian surname – so we feel that Ukrainians are against us? ha ha, nice try Tovarish

        • I’ve got an Ukrainian surname because my husband is Ukrainian. You brainless fucking fellow

        • Razha says:

          Georgian girl would never say she is ashamed of being Georgian
          Georgian girl would never say word”fucking” on a public blog
          Georgian girls do not change surnames after marriage Natasha !
          and Pegi is not a Georgian name
          as to your allegations – the text is the same and is repeated everywhere by the same Kremlin whores all around internet – text is not even changing – and follows the pattern of the Idushii Vmeste movement press-releases from last year

          there is not a single word of truth in what you wrote here

          and please,
          learn a bit of English before writing this obnoxious lies
          As to me being brainless – I do not need to prove my brains to KGB prostitutes – I just wish that one day god, nature, fate, whatever will punish you and your family for all this shameless dirt that you spread around the world.

        • Pegi Карпенко says:

          Be careful and make a habit of improving your English “I just wish that one day god, nature, fate, whatever will punish you”( wish +past tense) I advise you to revise writing and grammar skills in English before expressing your most valuable ideas!

        • Pegi Карпенко says:

          What did you do for Georgia? My older brother fought as a volunteer against Russia in the August 2008 war while you were sitting in front of TV and having hot tea. Poor Georgian troops abandoned by the government drank muddy waters during 4 or 5 days. It’s what my brother said.

        • Razha says:

          Well, I’ve got a news for you Natasha – I did fignt in the August 2008 unlike your imaginary brother.

          And if you were in Georgia then, you would know that only people that set and drank tea were KGB whores.

          And the fact that you youse the topic on smear campaign started by pro-russian media and politicians against english teachers in Georgia to do your own smear campaign against, not against georgian government, but against entire Georgian nation, proves that you are the one.

        • Pegi Карпенко says:

          I’ll never let you say even a single word about my brother , because he’s a brave man and never gets frightened by the sound of a Russian jet. 😀 😀

        • is this guy serious? (rofl) 😀 😀
          What are the rest of the things a Georgian girl would not do? 😀 😀 WOW! you got here using time machine or what? (rofl)

          Hello BTW. I am a Georgian girl, with Georgian surname and i completely agree with Pegi Карпенко.
          And i do think that she is exceptionally polite with you 🙂 Much more than u deserve with your offensive comments 🙂

        • A real Georgian man would never talk to a woman (of any nationality) with that tone 😀 If it’s tradition and cultural inheritance what you value 🙂

        • Razha says:

          You are just as vulgar as your blog

          I gues Paranoya is not the only problem you have
          just another KGB slut

        • 😀 😀 KGB slut?

          Neil, can u just erase this sick person’s comments?

          he is insane:D
          I don’t wanna insult you any further Razha (good name, u have a lot on common with Razha Sarchimelia from Data Tutashxia :))), the nature has insulted you enough 😀

          Neil, please, control the comments:).

        • panoptical says:

          I would love to control the comments, but I find this stuff hilarious on some level and I sort of want to understand the rhetoric between Georgia and Russia. I will tell them not to say “whore” though.

        • Nobody asked u to read my blog, moron. keep ur mouth shut when u don’t even know what a word “vulgar” means 😀

        • Pegi Карпенко says:

          Girlwithparanoia, I make you sure, Razha has no idea who is Razha Sarchimelia and what is “Data Tutashkhia” in general. He just heard the word “KGB” but has not got an information about its dissolving in 1991 yet. 😀 😀 Of course everyone in Georgia who’s got a different point of you from Georgian government and its brainless supporters is straight linked to the Kremlin 😀 😀 , poor Razha, I take pity on you ;(

        • panoptical says:

          I appreciate your comments, but please, no calling people whore, Natasha, or other gendered insults. Do it again and the comment will be deleted.

  9. rezo says:

    Goverment is not ideal, there are lot of problems in meny aspects of our daily life, but we really are making progress and trying hard, so dont you Russian dare to put your stincky noses into our internal problems, deal with your own one!

  10. Ilyk Eyaj says:

    Christian Democratic Movement in Georgia… that the Georgian equivalent of the Christian Coalition and the Religious Right in the U.S.?

    • ---> says:

      No. If one (an outsider) tries to understand Georgian politics and ideology of participants after some time it would be easier to shoot yourself…

    • panoptical says:

      I would say they kind of are, although their platform isn’t an exact match since even the fundies in the US operate with the general understanding that the First Amendment is off limits whereas the Christian Democrats want to make Orthodox Christianity the official state religion of Georgia. Also I suspect the Christian Democrats aren’t quite as economically conservative, although I could be wrong.

  11. Levan says:

    so this blog also turned into “Russia vs Georgia”. how familiar is that! seems like every issue is linked to Russia. Lets just focus on a topic.
    I think maestro openly violated human rights, but which Georgian media doesn’t?! I’m sure Rustavi 2 will defend Tomas fletcher now, because its in Government’s interest, otherwise they would tear him apart, and maestro would defend him instead. I just wanted to point that out, because I can’t stand double standards.
    But this blog doesn’t answer to the main issue media was having with Thomas Fletcher. As it seemed, they didn’t care whether tomas was gay or not. Problem was, he had his students added as a friend on facebook, and children could see inappropriate, pornographic pictures of their teacher.
    I don’t if its true or not and I’m not accusing anyone, I just wanna hear more facts.

  12. {{{Levan}}} says:

    I didn’t notice that.
    Anyway, I just read your post and I must say it was not objective at all. You only show one side of the story, not to mention you keep speculating on cultural differences, which is not the case here and you carefully try to make everyone who criticized Tomas look like homophobes. only because someone said that he was gay.
    Facebook is not “adult only” website. Which means kids are also allowed to create an account. Its simply immoral to put pornographic material there, when you know that children might see it. Especially if you are a teacher and you have students in your friend list. Teacher is supposed to be a role model, what kind of example is it for the kids, when they see picture of their teacher, with dildo in his/her mouth! Or I just don’t get it because we have cultural differences? !
    I think we both agree that media had no right to show images of Tomas and I also believe they took some things out of context, they used Tomas to attack TLG and therefore Government. Its neither political nor cultural issue, even tho you and Maestro try to make it look like one (see? You have something in common.) and I honestly don’t think that they should blame TLG for this, but it is kind of issue which should raise concerns in school administration and among parents. All I’m saying is; Tomas at least deserved harsh warning.

    • panoptical says:

      I think that you don’t get it, although I’m not sure whether it’s because of a cultural difference or what.

      First of all, this is a blog, not a newspaper, so I don’t even pretend to be objective. This blog contains my opinions from a subjective standpoint. If you don’t like subjectivity, stay off the internet or you’ll find yourself wildly disappointed on a daily basis.

      Second, you are failing to separate the issues here. Maestro and the Christian democrats aren’t homophobes because they don’t want children to see pictures of a guy sucking a dildo. They’re homophobes because they oppose gay rights so much that they’d jeopardize Georgia’s membership in the Council of Europe just to remove laws protecting gays in Georgia from discrimination and hate crimes. Which I said explicitly in this post. So I don’t think you don’t get it because of cultural differences, I think you don’t get it because you didn’t bother to read what I actually wrote.

      • {{{Levan}}} says:

        @ panoptical
        I was being sarcastic about cultural differences. you are the one who is not getting it. I don’t care if it’s a newspaper, blog or forum post. When you review political or such issues that public might be interested, you have to bring some objectiveness to it. Of course you are always welcome to express your subjective opinion, but without objectivity its no better than any other post people ignore on the internet every day.
        You are the one who keeps connecting CD opposing gay rights with Tomas Fletcher. If you wanna discuss first issue, that’s fine, but don’t mention Tomas or TLG.
        You said that this political party is against gay rights and westernization, but you don’t provide any source, other than your words and Tomas Fletcher’s scandal. Again, I keep telling you these are separate issues.
        Actually we, Georgians are very familiar with western culture. Even in 19th century, western writers like Byron (probably most scandalous western writer in 19th century), Goethe and so many others has been an inspiration to us, but it’s a first time I hear that “dildo in the mouth” is somehow representing western culture.

        • panoptical says:

          “I don’t care if it’s a newspaper, blog or forum post. When you review political or such issues that public might be interested, you have to bring some objectiveness to it. ”

          HAHA no I don’t!

          “Again, I keep telling you these are separate issues.”

          It’s funny cause you never said that even once. You are either delusional or a very talented comic.

  13. {{{Levan}}} says:

    “Its neither political nor cultural issue, even tho you and Maestro try to make it look like one”
    “but it is kind of issue which should raise concerns in school administration and among parents”
    “they didn’t care whether tomas was gay or not. Problem was, he had his students added as a friend on facebook, and children could see inappropriate, pornographic pictures of their teacher.”

    Don’t you think I separated these issues here, or I had to say it word by word?! Well, since you are left with no argument your senseless answer doesn’t surprise me

    • panoptical says:

      “Don’t you think I separated these issues here, or I had to say it word by word?!”

      If what you are asking me is “should I have made my point clearly,” than my answer is yes, you should have, because as of now, I have no idea what the hell you are talking about. You keep leveling false accusations at me and then when I point out their falsehood you change the subject. Frankly it’s getting ridiculous and annoying and I don’t feel like wasting any more time or energy trying to explain myself to you. No one else seems to have a problem understanding what I’m talking about.

      And it’s glaringly obvious that you’re the one who isn’t separating the issues, because you keep telling me your opinion about Tomas Fletcher in comments on a post about the Christian Democrats, rather than on the post that was actually about Tomas Fletcher. You keep accusing me of using Tomas Fletcher to show that the Christian Democrats are opposed to gay rights, when in fact I never said or even implied that the two were connected. If you look at the one and only place in this post where I mentioned Fletcher, you will see that it was in connection to the CD’s anti-TLG campaign, not their anti-gay agenda.

      As far as sources are concerned, there are no facts in contention here. The Christian Democratic movement is openly and vocally anti-gay, and they’re proud of being openly and vocally anti-gay. Are you actually disputing that fact? Because if you are, I suggest you fire up the old search engine and do a little research before you make yourself sound any less informed about Georgian politics, if that’s even possible.

  14. {{{Levan}}} says:

    You said that you discussed this issue in your previous post, so I continued that conversation here, rather than posting again on different page.
    I never heard Christian democrats discriminating gay people. They might be against gay marriage and gay parades, like many conservatives, but that doesn’t mean that they are trying to outlaw gays or denying gay rights as human beings.
    I’m not trying to defend Christian Democrats, in fact I hate that stupid party with their stupid leader Targamadze, who finds it necessary to crawl in every gigantic asshole he can find. I’m just trying to clear a lot of bullshit you wrote above. That been said, I’m also getting pretty sick of your stupid blog about Georgian fairy tales, kidnapped brides and harassed foreigners because Georgian men can’t have sex with locals unless they get married.
    Discussing cultural differences. dude you have no idea what Georgian culture is. I bet you never read one Georgian book. I’m not asking you to learn Georgian, there are many books translated into English and yes they are worth reading even for a superior individual among Georgians you probably consider to be. You’ve been here how long, couple of month? and suddenly you claim that you know more than I do about Georgian politics. Truth is, you don’t know shit about Georgia, and that’s fine by me. But when you discuss something you don’t know nothing about, that makes you ignorant and when you are flaming someone without having any kind of knowledge or reliable source, that makes you fucking douche bag.
    Feel free to waste your energy again, but I don’t feel like wasting my time here anymore.

  15. T says:

    hahaaaaa 🙂 Neal !!!!!! do u remember me???? 800 pound gorilla in the room 🙂 hate to say, but i told u so darling 🙂 regards to your family 🙂

  16. T says:

    exactly 🙂 u ignored it, but what do i know 🙂 again… i am just the gorilla in the room 🙂 still big one 🙂

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