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Money in Georgia, Part II: Georgian Economy

This post is sort of rambling and disorganized, so I apologize in advance. There’s a chance I’ll one day want to throw some research together on this topic, at which point I’d write an actual journalistic article rather than a … Continue reading

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Reflections on Inconvenience in New York

This week, New York was hit with a blizzard. All told, I’d guess we had about a foot of snow [Editor’s note: 20 inches is the official number] – nothing major, really. What was remarkable about this particular blizzard was … Continue reading

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Not in Georgia

Part of me feels like I shouldn’t even be writing on here when i’m not in Georgia. On the other hand, I suppose Georgia withdrawal is somewhat relevant to the experience, so here goes… First of all, I was reading … Continue reading

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In Flight

Note: this entry was written on Sunday, December 19th, in a plane. ******************************************* As I type this entry, I’m somewhere over Iceland – according to the display on the video screen in front of me. It says that in five … Continue reading

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Unexpected Sadness

I am really not ready to leave Georgia. ********************************** I don’t need a vacation yet, after four months. I’m just starting to make real friends here, to spread my social network out, to meet non-TLG expats and English-speaking Georgians, to … Continue reading

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Sex in Georgia, Part II: Host family issues

First, a disclaimer. I’m not talking about sex to be perverse, offensive, or controversial. To me, sex is a part of life, necessary to continue life – like eating, drinking, or sleeping. It’s a biological function. Obviously it is one … Continue reading

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Upon reading me admit to doing most of my shopping at the Populi XL in Gldani, reader pasumonok recoiled in horror and couldn’t bear to read my blog for days. When she recovered, she extended to me the very kind … Continue reading

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Going Home

Today I got my information regarding winter break in New York. I’ll be going home on December 19th and returning January 5th. Watching tonight’s episode of Glee, I was suddenly struck by a big bout of homesickness. It was during … Continue reading

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TLG Drama

As I’ve said before, a significant part of the experience of an expat in Georgia will be TLGers. There are currently several hundred TLGers in Georgia and the government has grand plans to bring in 1000 every year and eventually … Continue reading

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Money in Georgia, part one: Personal Finance

First, I must regretfully inform you all that I got a total of zero responses to my blog carnival announcement and am thus postponing the carnival indefinitely. However, as always I press on in the face of adversity (and/or indifference) … Continue reading

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