This is how I stay out of trouble.

I had lunch today with a dear friend who begged me to stay out of trouble. She wanted me to blog less, to keep a low profile, and make sure I didn’t end up like Ilia Chavchavadze – murdered by a gang of assassins. I contemplated this as I walked down Chavchavadze street in Vake, but I figured that since my last post was about a movie theatre and my next post was planned to be about shaurma, I should be covered.

Then I got home today to discover this: Georgia in Sex. Yes, apparently someone over at Tabula reads my blog and decided to write a whole article about the Sex in Georgia thing. Just when I thought it was finally dead. Just when I was considering closing comments on the post because, really, why beat a dead horse?

As an aside, I’ve nuked a number of comments on that post in the last month, which basically amounted to shit that’s been said already: “you know nothing about Georgia, these are unfair generalizations or stereotypes, you are just upset because you can’t get laid.” None of these even really deserve a response anymore. I see no reason to go back and forth about this stuff over and over again, but if others want to do it I suppose the discussion can’t hurt. I think there are more productive things to talk about, which is why I’m mulling over a third Sex in Georgia post that I think could further the discussion, unless everyone ignores it because it’s not controversial enough.

So yes, on the very day that my dear friend asked me to please stay out of trouble, of course trouble comes looking for me. What could be more appropriate?

And of course I immediately scrambled to add Tabula to my list of links on the sidebar over there ->, because if they’re nice enough to send me traffic I might as well return the favor, to what tiny extent I can.

Anyway, Google Translate didn’t really do the article justice, and my Georgian really isn’t that good, but the article seemed to be positive/neutral (not a slam piece like Maestro…). So that’s good, I guess. If any of my Georgian readers could provide me with a decent translation of the thing, I’d be much obliged and indebted to them and probably inclined to cook them something delicious at my place.


Great song, great cover, amazing, amazing artist:

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7 Responses to This is how I stay out of trouble.

  1. ---> says:

    Well, you could simple leave a comment asking what was written.

    Basically, it was very positive review of your positing: she said, that the author has a sharp eye and writes posts with humor. She also wrote that with the post you did not discover America and there was nothing scandalous there.

    I’d say that her post is addressed not to you and your writing but rather then to readers. And following I liked the most

    “After reading the post and comments two things are obvious: these readers who know English and (how to use) computer have no problems about premarital sex. However they do have problem with reading and understand that the author was not talking about his personal endeavor but was telling what was told to him by TLG employees and locals.
    The result of the the posting and (above mentioned) unleashed furry of racy and xenophobic comments.”

    Hey Neal, you moved from your 15 minutes of fame to be a more influential figure. Is not this what you wanted?


  2. geoanamania says:

    Hi Neal,
    always nice to read your posts, especially that now your post refers to the column I’ve written in Tabula, that is, I’m the author of the article, Georgia in Sex. Considering the huge amount of comments and responses to the post, Sex in Georgia, I decided to comment on it in the magazine in some way, but I hope it won’t incite the army of your enthusiastic commentators no more, as much as it is more supportive of you, and your opinions than of those of your aggressive readers. Actually, the reader above (—> ) made a good point. And if Google has any imperfection, it would indeed be its translating skills from English to Georgian.
    If you give me some time, I can make the translation of my column and send it to you at e-mail or post it over here, if you prefer. Please, let me know if you wish to read the original version of my article in English.
    All the best,


  3. Ilyk Eyaj says:

    “I had lunch today with a dear friend who begged me to stay out of trouble. She wanted me to blog less, to keep a low profile, and make sure I didn’t end up like Ilia Chavchavadze – murdered by a gang of assassins.”

    For reals? You need security. There’s some “traveling” Samoans from the point that would have your back for a fee. No one messes w/them cause they always roll in packs, there’s never just one. Plus, they’re hella big. Let a grip of Polys crash at your pad for a cool minute to keep the right-wing haters from murkin your ass. Once it’s safe you can get back to shakin hands and kissin babies.

    little off topic:
    Funny cause TLG kinda needs you for publicity so they should know what’s up about safety. Although sometimes they’re stool pigeons….they’ll straight flip on you.


  4. pasumonok says:

    please don’t stay out of trouble. just be cautious.
    if you stop posting, i will start screaming.
    if we can’t stomach what u write–which is not like u’re swearing at georgians or anything–than we don’t deserve u guys here.
    go blog posts on sex!


  5. Alexander says:

    I think you are exaggerating.

    Ilia Chavchavadze was living 100 years ago. Thats a long time…

    Maestro – TV is total complete junk. It is not serious. If they criticized your article, it was not directed against you, probably against government and the president… like everything else they do. (Everybody has a hobby… even idiots from that channel.)


    I’m a Georgian.


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