Liveblogging Departure Preparations

As we speak I’m getting ready to leave Georgia. My itinerary involves Munich, NYC, Istanbul, and Tbilisi, with a possibility for a few days in Batumi as well. I’ll be away from my host family’s house – where I will be leaving all of my belongings that I don’t bring with me – for almost a month. That means I have to pack lightly – for a trip that involves lots of travel – and organize the rest of my stuff into neat piles that can be out of my host family’s way.

As it turns out, that process has led to a number of interesting thoughts and observations. I have decided to outline them here, as they come up.

– American currency now looks strange to me. I have been in Georgia long enough to have become used to the laris and tetris that I carry around daily. Quarters and dollar coins look really weird to me. I looked at a Sacajawea and my first thought was, “is that a Toonie?”I happen to also have some Turkish coins and a ten cent Euro coin left over from previous layovers, bringing my currency collection here to four currencies.

– Before I came to Georgia I stocked up on the medications that I use most commonly – things like asthma medication, Advil, Benadryl, etc – because I was worried that they might not be available in Georgia. Before I leave for the airport tomorrow night, I will stock up on the medications that I use most commonly because I know that if I have to buy any of them in the USA it will be on the order of ten times as expensive to get them there.

– I utterly hate this process. Packing up my life – no – compartmentalizing my life – really bothers me. I hate the idea of losing access to what I am used to having around, even though it’s the only way I ever accomplish getting rid of anything. If and when I leave Georgia for good, I’m going to have a LOT of stuff here that I’m going to have to either leave behind or pay through the nose to ship. I guess I’m a bit of a hoarder.

– I have utterly failed to make a list of things to do in New York. I often think about things I want to buy, foods I want to eat, people I want to see, and other things I want to do next time I’m in America. Now, it’s 24 hours before I depart for New York and I have no list. Fortunately, as Spock says, having is not so pleasing a thing as wanting. There’s no way I can fit ten months’ worth of cravings into two weeks’ worth of vacation, especially given my limited financial means, but just knowing that I could conceivably access those things when I’m in America is worth more to me than the actual act of accessing.

– I’m fighting a battle between preparing for jetlag and not being too tired to do anything tomorrow. So far, the biggest loser in this battle is myself, since I suspect I will end up accomplishing neither goal particularly well.

– I have mostly failed to say my goodbyes. Oh well. I’ll be back in less than a month. And if by chance something goes awry… well, then my new catchphrase will have to do: see you in another life, brother.

– I really own way too many Things.

It’s getting late – sweet dreams!

Video: Dream A Little Dream Of Me – Mama Cass

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