English Writing Course

So nothing for two weeks, then two posts in two days. I’m on a productivity kick, I guess.

I’m going to be offering a course in English Composition – that is, writing English language essays, papers, and articles – at my new place in Vake. I’ve created a course description, which I have reproduced here for your convenience:


Course Description: English Composition 101

A university-level course on English writing. The course will focus on essays and papers suitable for university courses and entrance exams, international standardized tests, and professional work. Students will improve writing skills across a variety of academic and professional writing genres, build a portfolio of written work showcasing personal achievement, and experience learning in an English-only environment.

Each class will last for two to three hours and include an instructional section on tools for writing and on English language skills, followed by a discussion and writing workshop where students can become more familiar with the various written forms in English. Students will be expected to complete weekly reading and writing assignments. Lessons will take place once a week in Vake district.

Tuition for the course will be 60 lari per month. Students will need internet access and an email account to recieve assigned readings electronically. The course will be conducted entirely in English by a native English speaker.


I’m really excited about this. I hope people come – I’ve already designed a curriculum for the first two to three months and planned out the first two lessons extensively. It seems to me that a lot of Georgians end up needing writing help as a separate skill from English help, especially for things like passing IELTS or TOEFL exams or writing personal essays for applications for grants, scholarships, or admission to foreign universities. Since English Comp is a class that basically every college student in the US has to take (I guess there are exceptions, but I think not many) I’d like to give Georgians at least the chance to be competitive with US students when applying for stuff or taking tests given in English.

Anyway, if you’re interested, please contact me via comment on this blog or my facebook. I don’t publish my email to avoid spam, but if you leave me your email address I’ll be in touch.

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8 Responses to English Writing Course

  1. friendly advise: raise the price, its too cheap.


  2. Mzuri says:

    Just having a conversation with my hostess about charging by the month for hourly work when I read your post. She assumed a four-week month to establish rate, but I explained that the months average to 4.33 weeks per month.

    So I’m wondering if you were thinking of 5 lari per hour (assuming 3 hours per week) or had assumed 4.61 lari per hour.

    I’m trying to establish an hourly rate for a group English conversation class for professionals, so this rate business is on my mind.


    • panoptical says:

      Actually I hadn’t really considered it in terms of an hourly rate at all.


      • Mzuri says:

        I love that I hadn’t even considered that response.


        • panoptical says:

          I mean, the issue for me is that hourly rates are useful but vary so widely that in the end thinking about it from the perspective of monthly rates and what clients will pay vs what your needs are tends to be more useful for me. That was a stylistically awful sentence but I hope you get my point.


  3. Tom says:

    I just started an essay writing course here at the university in Batumi. It’s awesome! I’m really enjoying it. Good luck with yours.


  4. pasumonok says:

    good luck!!!but it is very, very cheap…


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