Blog Renovations

Tonight I did something I should have done over a year ago: I started tagging and categorizing my posts.

You can now see a tag cloud over to the right, although it only covers the twenty or so most recent posts, plus the one or two I tagged back in September 2010 before I stopped tagging all my posts out of sheer laziness. I’m also going to be adding all of my posts to the appropriate categories, so that for example the “Restaurant Review” category will soon take you to all of the restaurant reviews I’ve done, and not just the ones I bothered to remember to properly categorize. I know – promises, promises.

I intend to create a special section for prospective/new TLG volunteers – maybe a page like the About and Comments Policy pages, to be in my little line of buttons at the top – that contains helpful summaries and links to particular information about host families, teaching, TLG, culture, food, and other helpful topics. Basically, interwoven with my social activism and general aimless bloviating is a ton of really useful information, and now that there’s 16 months worth of that I don’t expect any reasonable person to want to pick through all of it just to find out where to go in Tbilisi for a decent hamburger.

I’m considering more radical changes although knowing my conservative disposition I probably won’t make any; my concern really is that the sidebar is currently way too long and that maybe I should use a formate with two sidebars, but I generally find those layouts too busy and I am also too busy to be fucking around with layouts for hours and hours.

Also, someone complained about my background color. I tried to describe it as “salmon” but maybe it really is pink… nothing wrong with that.

Also, soon it’s going to be time again to go through my blogroll and move the inactive blogs to the inactive blog section. I think there are probably current blogs that I am missing; I’d love to collect those too. Maybe a project for my ample vacation time starting next weekend.

Um. If you have any suggestions, warnings, things you want to see, or other input, please feel free to post it down in this here comments section. And let me know what you think so far!

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5 Responses to Blog Renovations

  1. katarzynawid says:

    I see this post is ‘uncategorized’…. 🙂


  2. pasumonok says:

    where can i find a link to tlg blog?


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