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Popular Etymology

When I learned the word for neighbor – “mezobeli” (მეზობელი) – I immediately noticed that it contained the word “ezo” ეზო, which means “yard.” It might not be immediately obvious to everyone what the relation is there, but I don’t … Continue reading

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In Defense of American Heritage

Georgians are perhaps overly fond of mocking the United States of America for being a “young” nation. Georgians attribute a whole host of negative traits to this deficiency – our lack of respect for tradition, our liberal values, our loose … Continue reading

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Election Year Woes

When I left America, toward the end of 2010, I was so utterly disgusted with American politics and American policy that not following the news in America was easy. I felt that if things continued on their trajectory, I always … Continue reading

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New York Hit List Revisited

Background info: this happened. Foods to eat: A Blockheads Burrito – CHECK My stepmother’s chicken cutlets – CHECK A Black and White cookie – FAIL BAGELS – CHECK A Bonnie’s Burger – CHECK Cheerios – CHECK Items to buy: Cumin … Continue reading

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I Sprained my Ankle

Last night I went to a friend’s flatwarming party (remember, flat = apartment). I was dead tired because I foolishly waited until this week to fight off my jetlag, and I didn’t really feel up to doing anything, but Ihe … Continue reading

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New Pages

I have added two brand new pages and updated my About page! Check out Really Useful Information and my new FAQ. I’m very proud of these pages – now that my blog is getting old and there’s a lot of … Continue reading

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Is there anyone out there cause it’s getting harder and harder to leave

I know, that’s not the lyric. But it is. Getting harder to leave, that is. This summer I would like to travel around Europe and Asia instead of visiting New York. I’ll have the details of that once they’re confirmed; … Continue reading

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2011 Blog Report

***************************** Wow – this thing is actually pretty cool. Apparently my blog is big in Brazil. The stuff below this Editor’s Note was auto-generated by WordPress to share the new Annual Report. I know I owe you all like, a … Continue reading

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