New York Hit List Revisited

Background info: this happened.

Foods to eat:
A Blockheads Burrito – CHECK
My stepmother’s chicken cutlets – CHECK
A Black and White cookie – FAIL
A Bonnie’s Burger – CHECK
Cheerios – CHECK

Items to buy:
Cumin – CHECK
Taco Spice (somehow when I mix my own I never quite manage the same exact flavor; plus it’s way easier to just use a mix) – FAIL
Onion powder (maybe) – FAIL
Advil Cold and Sinus (not available in Georgia due to Georgia’s imaginary meth epidemic or something) – FAIL
Writing pads (8.5″ x 11″ – for some reason Georgia doesn’t seem to have normal stationery) – CHECK
Polyisoprene Condoms (this material is just way, way better than latex) – CHECK

So I somehow almost forgot to follow up on my New York Hit List. I didn’t manage to find a decent Black and White cookie – they had the pre-packaged ones, but those are hit-or-miss and anyway never as good as the fresh baked ones. I can add to my foods eaten list, though:


Beef Kra Prow (a dish I have previously ordered and complained about at the Thai place on Abashidze. This version was delicious)
So Many Hamburgers
Bonnie’s Wings
Starbucks Crumb Cake (don’t mock, this stuff is delicious)
Late Thanksgiving Dinner
Goulash from Zum’s
Chicken Francese
Pigs In A Blanket

I’m sure I’m forgetting something important. But this is why I love and miss New York even though I can’t really live there – I ate wonderful, delicious, amazing food from Italian, Mexican, Thai, Korean, German, and American restaurants, among others, as well as great home cooking from friends and family. Tbilisi just doesn’t quite stack up, although if they put in a better Mexican place than Santa Fe and a Korean restaurant (or even just imported kimchee and sold it at Goodwill) and a Thai place with decent kra prow, I might just have to stop complaining about food in Georgia entirely.

I didn’t go out for Indian, because despite my great love of Indian, I also have a great love of the Indian place in Tbilisi, which makes fantastic Samosas. I can satisfy my Indian cravings whenever I want, so there was no urgent need to do it in NYC.


Cajun Seasoning Blend
Ginger Ale (I brought a can for my gf to try, but security removed it from my suitcase for some reason… irritating)
Cosmic Brownies (I know these are terrible, but I couldn’t resist)
Peanut Butter Chocolate Fudge
Cheap Leatherman Knockoff (I find myself needing pliers a lot; now I have them)
Small Adjustable Wrench
White Gaff (Yes, I own white gaff – I used to do lighting, and I often find myself wanting to secure and/or label things in my environment in Georgia)
Chloraseptic (far superior to Georgian throat medications)

Yeah, so I couldn’t find taco seasoning sold in more quantity than those Old El Paso packets, which are priced exorbitantly, but I figure with cumin I can make my own, so that should be okay. I forgot to pick up Advil C&S, but I probably have enough as it is and actually fighting off colds without it has turned out to be tolerable, so even if I run out I should be fine. I brought back a couple of sweaters – I find myself wearing sweaters a lot because I’ve mellowed on the whole jacket and tie thing since I started teaching munchkins. I brought back more consumables than I have in the past, because I honestly didn’t need as much luggage space for clothes and other long-term necessities this time.

I realize now I probably should have made a to do list that didn’t include rampant consumerism, because I basically failed to do a lot of the stuff I wanted/needed to do that didn’t involve food or shopping in some way.

And yes, I gained a bunch of weight in New York. Everything there is SO DELICIOUS. Now I can get down to the business of losing all that weight in the land of pork and bread. This is challenging but doable.


This video is probably the most accurate depiction I have ever seen of what the experience of being in New York is like for me – joyous, frenetic, psychotic, all sort of jumbled together, and some people are cool but most just look at you like you’re crazy.

Video: Amanda Palmer does Tegan and Sara, Hell

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2 Responses to New York Hit List Revisited

  1. I would be happy to occaisionally send you American care packages with things you miss. I have no flippin’ idea what would and would not make it through customs, but I’m willing to give it a shot. Heck, it’d be interesting to me to receive odd things from Georgia in return, but wouldn’t be necessary. If you want, send your address and wish list to awesome dot del at gmail, and I’ll surprise you every so often.


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