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Gender Is A Social Disease*

Unsurprisingly, yet another Georgian man has completely failed to comprehend my point in discussing gender roles in Georgia. This is unsurprising for two reasons: 1. My opinion about gender threatens the system that benefits Georgian men at the expense of … Continue reading

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You probably weren’t wondering what I’ve been doing these past fifteen days instead of updating my blog, but I’m going to tell you anyway: I’ve been learning. I mean, in a sense, I’m always learning. I have a voracious appetite … Continue reading

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Pull Yourself Together, Bitcho – We Don’t Want Your Kidneys, And We Sure As Hell Don’t Want Your Appendix!

(Or, “In Which I Reference Harry Potter, Lost, Robert Browning, and Lord of the Rings, and Hope that No One Realizes that my Browning Reference Is Actually a Neon Genesis Evangelion Reference”) So, in Part Two of my 39-part series, … Continue reading

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The Wind Cries Mari

Something they don’t tell you about Tbilisi is how windy it is. In the winter, the wind blows the cold air right through the poorly-insulated windows. When I lived in Gldani I could hear my windows rattling in the wind … Continue reading

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