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Come On Up for The Rising

“ქრისტე აღსდგა!”, my students proudly shriek. This annoys me. I am a secularist. I don’t know that I’d go as far as a place like France or Turkey – I wouldn’t support banning religious garb in the public sphere, for … Continue reading

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Easter in Georgia

My parents called me on Sunday to wish me a happy Easter. Honestly, if it weren’t for facebook, I would have forgotten. I kept seeing all these Easter posts on facebook, and I asked my girlfriend (who, for convenience I … Continue reading

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Sick Again and Sick of Lies

Last week, I walked into one of my second grade classes (“second form,” in Georgian English). It was a day like any other. “How are you,” I asked my coteacher. “Oh, not very good”, she said, pronouncing “good” to rhyme … Continue reading

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Growing Up In The World of the Iron Curtain

I think it’s safe to say that people in the US, overall, have absolutely no clue what it was like to grow up in the Soviet Union. If you’re from the West, take a minute to think about what you … Continue reading

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