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There’s a new beer on the market in Georgia. It’s called “Zedazeni” and it sort of blows Natakhtari out of the water. I’m not a Natakhtari hater – I’m a Kazbegi hater, actually, and I happen to like most Georgian … Continue reading

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The World Is Stupid

Today I got a text message and an email from the U.S. Embassy in Tbilisi, warning me to vary my routes because of global terror activity. Yeah, what the fuck ever, embassy. Maybe instead of emailing English teachers making $300 … Continue reading

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Why I Do What I Do

I’ve been having a conversation with a fellow expat in Georgia. Something tells me “Britishvili” is not his real name, but I feel it might be rude to level such an accusation at a perfect stranger, so “Britishvili” it is. … Continue reading

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Barfight and Epiphany

I basically had an epiphany slammed directly into my forehead – in the form of an angry, drunken Georgian’s head. The epiphany was: I may have been judging Georgian men a shade too harshly. How, you might be wondering, does … Continue reading

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Growing up in New York, I really had no clue about earthquakes. News from California would roll in – the San Andreas fault, highways collapsing, prognostications about how long it might be before the entire state fell off the continent … Continue reading

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