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Two Years in Georgia

As I’m writing this, I’ve already passed the two-year mark – by about 8 hours – but a dude’s gotta sleep. Two years, eight hours ago, I arrived at the Tbilisi airport. I didn’t write much at the time about … Continue reading

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Georgian Nightmare

I have tried to avoid partisan political activity on this blog for several reasons – one, given that I already blog about social and cultural issues, I don’t really need additional ways to wade into controversies in Georgian society. Two, … Continue reading

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Sons of the Caucasus (A Book Review)

I wouldn’t normally touch a self-published Amazon ebook, but Tim Ogden’s debut novel, Sons of the Caucasus, is right in my niche. It’s an action-movie-in-a-book that manages to be fast-paced and thrilling while offering some insights into the mind of … Continue reading

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What does it take to make a really fabulous chili in Georgia? 1. Cumin. You can buy taco spice packets in Goodwill or Ozzy’s, and they contain cumin and whatever else you need to make chili taste like chili. Or … Continue reading

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Do Georgians Really Drive Fast?

I think we all take it as a given that Georgians love nothing more than barreling down the highway at an unbearable clip, risking death and dismemberment to overtake farm equipment and Turkish 18-wheelers by pulling in front of oncoming … Continue reading

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