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Panic! at the Ezo

Another first: today marks the first time I’ve personally witnessed a mass panic. I was lying in bed this afternoon, trying to take a nap, because the baby kept me awake until 3am last night and I had to teach … Continue reading

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I just survived my first earthquake. Well, okay, technically it was at least the third earthquake I’ve experienced in Georgia. Once when I lived in Gldani my roommate came home and asked me about the earthquake and I had no … Continue reading

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Language and Privilege

I know the title reads like an undergraduate class on Foucault, but bear with me. One of the odd experiences I’ve had teaching in Georgia is being annoyed by British English. Before I left the US I rather liked British … Continue reading

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How I Took Up Programming Again

I stopped being a computer programmer in early 2002. I had been studying it at college, but I was running out of money, and a series of life events were throwing up obstacles, so I ended up leaving school and … Continue reading

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Parental Anxieties

“Promise me you won’t get into a marshutka,” I demanded. “Okay, I promise,” said Tea. I recognized her tone, her bearing, her whole demeanor. She was exasperated because, as she walked out the door, I bombarded her with questions, warnings, … Continue reading

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