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Rape Culture vs. Traditional Culture

The Steubenville rape and the Adria Richards fiasco have given me an idea of what Georgians mean when they say that women are more respected in their culture. I can’t imagine either of those things happening here. I would ask … Continue reading

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Quality of Life, Political Economy, and Ethnocentrism

A CNN article caused an uproar in the Georgiasphere because it listed Tbilisi as an example of one of the world’s worst cities. This list was based on the Mercer “Quality of Living” survey which rates 221 cities based on … Continue reading

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Ban Smoking

Every once in a while I have to remind myself to be compassionate. I am easily annoyed by relatively insignificant things, and if I’m not careful I find myself reacting towards strangers with loathing and disgust, and when this spiral … Continue reading

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I’ve spent the last two weeks buried in research into vowels. That might sound boring to y’all, but I am a linguist by hobby and an English teacher by trade, and so vowels are right in my wheelhouse. This post … Continue reading

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The Mundane Mafioso

Did I make it an entire month without posting? Why yes, I did. My excuse is that February is a short month. The water in my apartment building has been corrupted. Rumor is that it’s due to a new motor… … Continue reading

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