Comments Policy Addendum

I am all for reasonable discussion of disagreements, but it has become apparent to me that some people are commenting on some of my posts – especially the last one – in order to air some personal grievances, rather than to offer legitimate alternative opinions to what I have written. These comments interfere with the mission of this blog.

A friend of mine asked why I bother, and suggested that I just delete such comments, or disable commenting entirely. There is wisdom in this. I do want people to be able to respond to what I write, so I am not disabling comments. However, starting from my last post, comments that seem to be based on some kind of personal grudge will be summarily deleted without further notice.

Also, because I don’t like repeating myself, comments that would require me to restate a basic assertion or argument contained in my post will also be deleted. As per the existing comments policy, comments should not ignore the text that they are responding to.

If you feel I’ve deleted a comment unjustly, feel free to use the contact form to let me know.

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2 Responses to Comments Policy Addendum

  1. Henry Buell says:

    Hello again. You helped my wife and I with some feedback earlier in the year (I forget where, and don’t expect you to remember, but you were helpful just the same). I noticed your comments policy above, and I just wanted suggest Disqus as a chat option. I use it on my site, and it makes a world of difference in terms of not having to filter the never ending stream of spam.

    Anyway, a little helpful (or not helpful, haha) comment. Hopefully it can help you, and glad to hear you got your differences sorted as concerns work. I had no idea you were having those difficulties when you took the extra time to answer me last summer, so thanks extra for the gesture. It is appreciated. Have a good day.


    • panoptical says:

      Hey, you’re welcome, and thanks for the suggestion. WordPress uses Akismet, which is pretty good about spam, but of course the issue with comments is not so much about spammers as it is about a few mean-spirited folks.

      Did you end up deciding to go to Georgia?


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