Off to Svaneti

Well I realize that I have not posted since I started my new job.  I am now teaching MYP Design (no more English!) at an IB school here in Tbilisi.  It is a lot more work than TLG, to say the least, and most of my free time is spent on things that have little to do with Georgia, which is why I don’t post about them.  So, there’s my excuse.

But now I’m taking a trip to Svaneti.  We plan to hit Etseri, Mestia, and Ushguli, and possibly swing by Oni on the way back if we have time for a detour through Racha.  I’m vaguely ashamed that I haven’t been up there before (also on my list of places I’m ashamed not to have made it to yet: Zugdidi, Sataplia, Mtatsminda!) but I am really bad at taking initiative with travel plans, and so I’ve really only been to places when someone else has said “hey, let’s go to such and such” and I’ve been free at that exact time.

What this means for you, reader, is that I might post about a new thing!  A new thing in Georgia!  Well, new for me, anyway.  At this point most of you have probably already been to Svaneti.  Let’s hope I get lots of insights and they still make sense when the altitude sickness wears off.


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One Response to Off to Svaneti

  1. Tony Hanmer says:

    Looking forward to your blog on the trip, especially the way home!


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