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Liberty Without Guns

Georgia has pretty strict gun control laws – not that you would notice. I have often described the country as a libertarian paradise in many ways – laws are few and far between, and enforcement of existing laws is often … Continue reading

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Georgia to New York, with a baby

We made it safely to New York, and I have decided to take this time to write about the trip because I am procrastinating from writing an article that I am already three hours late in submitting. Yes, I’m taking … Continue reading

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They’re Coming To America

My flights are booked, people. In the end I needn’t have worried; the affordable round trip tickets I found on LOT did, indeed, change price over the course of the nine days I had to wait to book them, but … Continue reading

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Rape Culture vs. Traditional Culture

The Steubenville rape and the Adria Richards fiasco have given me an idea of what Georgians mean when they say that women are more respected in their culture. I can’t imagine either of those things happening here. I would ask … Continue reading

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The Georgian Prison Scandal: This Is Democracy

This week, Georgia’s prisons were reformed. This could never happen in America. There is no event that would cause every prison guard to be suspended, that would cause the police to be sent in to run America’s prisons, that would … Continue reading

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Do Georgians Really Drive Fast?

I think we all take it as a given that Georgians love nothing more than barreling down the highway at an unbearable clip, risking death and dismemberment to overtake farm equipment and Turkish 18-wheelers by pulling in front of oncoming … Continue reading

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A Close Shave

After my cow adventure, you might be thinking that this title is a metaphor. It’s not. Yesterday I had my first ever shave using a classic safety razor. Even when I lived in the US, the price of razor cartridges … Continue reading

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