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Dollars and Laris

This post is about purchasing power and value of Georgian and American currency. However, I do feel the need to quickly note that my pluralization of “lari” as “laris” is more poetic license than a reflection of my actual usage: … Continue reading

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Quality of Life, Political Economy, and Ethnocentrism

A CNN article caused an uproar in the Georgiasphere because it listed Tbilisi as an example of one of the world’s worst cities. This list was based on the Mercer “Quality of Living” survey which rates 221 cities based on … Continue reading

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Money in Georgia, Part II: Georgian Economy

This post is sort of rambling and disorganized, so I apologize in advance. There’s a chance I’ll one day want to throw some research together on this topic, at which point I’d write an actual journalistic article rather than a … Continue reading

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Money in Georgia, part one: Personal Finance

First, I must regretfully inform you all that I got a total of zero responses to my blog carnival announcement and am thus postponing the carnival indefinitely. However, as always I press on in the face of adversity (and/or indifference) … Continue reading

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Blog Carnival Announcement: Money in Georgia

I’ve decided to host a Blog Carnival about Money in Georgia. Basically the way this works is that anyone who is interested in participating will write a blog post about the topic “Money in Georgia” and send me a permalink … Continue reading

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