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Family Purity Day is Violence

(I wrote this in an expat discussion forum. Reposting here for permalink status.) The WHO defines violence as “the intentional use of physical force or power, threatened or actual, against oneself, or against a group or community that either results … Continue reading

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Victim-Blaming in Georgia (or, stop telling women not to be “too friendly”)

Recently, a woman posted on a Georgian expat facebook community that she had been sexually harassed on three separate occasions during her brief vacation in Georgia.  Surprisingly, most of the comments were sympathetic and supportive.  Predictably, there were also a … Continue reading

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Why are Georgians homophobic?

There have been some interesting developments this year regarding today’s International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia. For some background context, Georgian LGBT rights activists have been trying to hold demonstrations against homophobia in Georgia for several years now. On May … Continue reading

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Rape Culture vs. Traditional Culture

The Steubenville rape and the Adria Richards fiasco have given me an idea of what Georgians mean when they say that women are more respected in their culture. I can’t imagine either of those things happening here. I would ask … Continue reading

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Why I Do What I Do

I’ve been having a conversation with a fellow expat in Georgia. Something tells me “Britishvili” is not his real name, but I feel it might be rude to level such an accusation at a perfect stranger, so “Britishvili” it is. … Continue reading

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Gender Is A Social Disease*

Unsurprisingly, yet another Georgian man has completely failed to comprehend my point in discussing gender roles in Georgia. This is unsurprising for two reasons: 1. My opinion about gender threatens the system that benefits Georgian men at the expense of … Continue reading

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Sexi Gindat?

The title of this post means “do you want sex?”, and it’s what I thought I heard a woman say, quite loudly, as I was walking to my friends’ flat in Saburtalo the other day. Startled, I looked around, and … Continue reading

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Talking Past Each Other: Western vs. Georgian Perspectives on Harassment

Yeah, the title is a mouthful. I realized something, just now, that I regard as so important that instead of going back to sleep (it’s 6am and I’ve had less than five hours) I’m going to stay up and post … Continue reading

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Bridenapping is Rape (and Rape is Bad)

The other day I was talking about movies with a Georgian friend. “Have you ever seen The Pianist?” she asked. “I don’t think so… what’s it about?” “It’s by Roman Polanski,” she said. “The rapist?” I asked. “Oh, you Americans. … Continue reading

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Sex in Georgia: The Anniversary

One year ago today, I published a blog post called “Sex in Georgia.” The ensuing shitstorm changed my life (mostly for the better). Let this post be considered a retrospective, a reevaluation, an update. Things change, things stay the same. … Continue reading

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