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Goodbye to TLG

For those who have been wondering, I am still in Georgia. However, I have left TLG, and not without some bitterness. I haven’t been telling my story because I haven’t wanted to slam my former employer – it’s just bad … Continue reading

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Right now I am super stressed due to two situations. One is about my son’s health idiot doctors, and the other is about my trip to America this summer. I’ll start with the second. My sister is getting married this … Continue reading

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I Didn’t Know Georgians Knew This!

Forgive the slightly snarky title. I imagine most of my Georgian readers know things like how sicknesses spread, but the people that we TLG volunteers interact with on a daily basis really seem not to. TLG sent us an email … Continue reading

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The Classroom Management Experiment: Day 1

I guess one of my biggest complaints about teaching in public schools has always been the disciplinary situation. I have an expectation that students will behave a certain way, and that teachers will enforce certain rules, and it’s been challenging … Continue reading

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