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You really have no idea, do you?

One of my colleagues asked what the worst thing about living in Georgia was.  Now, I’ve learned my lesson about being negative and I rarely offer Georgians unsolicited criticism of their country in normal social interactions (contrary to what you … Continue reading

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Myths about the Georgian Alphabet appears to be a mildly nationalistic, pro-regime English-language news site in Georgia. They often write feel-good pieces promoting Georgia to English readers, and there’s really nothing wrong with that, and so even though the faint whiff of propaganda rises … Continue reading

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the heart of amusement world

Indeed, I have already obtained some measure of amusement from the new East Point shopping center.  It’s an innovative kind of bad Georgian English – almost Palinesque in its placement of imagery over grammar, evocative of a poorly translated Chinese … Continue reading

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Wait Your Turn

I am going to offer the rare piece of blunt, prescriptive advice: I think Georgians should learn to wait their turn. Normally I shy away from direct criticism of Georgian culture, at least on this blog, and opt for describing … Continue reading

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Off to Svaneti

Well I realize that I have not posted since I started my new job.  I am now teaching MYP Design (no more English!) at an IB school here in Tbilisi.  It is a lot more work than TLG, to say … Continue reading

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Free Speech

Georgians have been telling me for years that they do not value the freedom of speech – I was just too incredulous to believe they were serious. Continue reading

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Why I Teach Programming

I teach programming for two reasons: to increase the diversity of the tech industry, and because I believe that the skills used for programming are both relevant to our lives and transferable to non-programming fields. I’ve read arguments that everyone … Continue reading

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