Really Useful Information

Most of this blog (and the internet at large) consists of moderately useful, somewhat useful, mostly useless, and utterly useless information, so I thought I’d compile a page of information that bucks the trend by being Really Useful. I have to apologize that at this point some of this information is becoming slightly dated, but I try to periodically take down information that is no longer correct. If in doubt, feel free to drop a comment.

I try to make this site navigable – I am in the process of categorizing and tagging my old posts (I got lazy) – so if you’re looking for something specific hopefully it will be transparent whether or not I’ve covered it. There’s also a little search bar in my side column, under my Top Posts list. It works like you’d expect it to, but better.

Here’s a compilation of some notable posts that might be helpful to your life in Georgia:

My first real information post. It was written during my first week in the country, but the information in it is still good, and it has the advantage of answering all the questions that I had really wanted an answer to before getting to the country when those questions were still fresh in my mind.

Shopping – a post with a description of a trip to the “Station Square” (formerly Vagzlis Moedani) area, which is Tbilisi’s premiere shopping location, including links to a map of two of my favorite stores.

Getting Around Tbilisi – a guide to learning how to navigate in Tbilisi. The post neglects buses and marshutkas a little, but those take the longest to get a good handle on.

Sick – a story detailing my adventures in getting medication in Georgia. Spoiler: medicine here is inexpensive and high-quality, and can be obtained reliably with a little research and a little persistence. You’ll find this post useful if you come down with something that can’t be cured by chacha. Also, watch out for chacha.

I write a lot about food. Food, food, and more food. And beer.

You may have been drawn to my perpetual top post, Sex in Georgia. I highly recommend you read the updated Anniversary version, which may be somewhat less misleading and more complete. If you have any questions about dating/marriage/sex lives of expats in Georgia (which, if you’re coming to Georgia, you probably do), that’s probably the best (public) source of information.

I write extensively about social issues in Georgia – things like race, sexuality, human rights, and gender in Georgia. I have a background in political science, anthropology, and gender studies, so I’ve devoted a substantial part of my life to reading and thinking about these kinds of issues, and the conclusions that I’ve come to put me very much in line with liberal/progressive views on social issues. I tend to view these things with moderate postmodernist/deconstructionist philosophical inclinations, although countless hours spent reading radical feminist blogs or listening to Ani Difranco have both influenced me in ways that I think will become clear if you read any of my posts about these issues.

My FAQ has a section about whether you should come to Georgia. In general, my answer is yes.

That’s all for now – I know, actually it’s quite a lot to take in. I also recommend looking around at some of the blogs in my sidebar, especially in the Georgian Blogs and Georgian Media sections.

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