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In Defense of American Heritage

Georgians are perhaps overly fond of mocking the United States of America for being a “young” nation. Georgians attribute a whole host of negative traits to this deficiency – our lack of respect for tradition, our liberal values, our loose … Continue reading

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New York Hit List

Every once in a while I realize that there’s something from America that I want but can’t get in Georgia. I try to make a mental note (lately, I’ve been making real notes, which are somewhat more effective, assuming I … Continue reading

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Filthy Americans

IT’s amazing to me that after over a year in Georgia I’m still learning new, very basic and fundamental things about the culture. When I first got to Tbilisi, I was very surprised at how clean and comfortable the inside … Continue reading

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US Citizens Information Night: Now, with Information!

The interesting thing about a second year in Georgia is that I can now explicitly compare things that happen this year with things that happened last year at the same time – things like holidays, seasons, and other yearly events. … Continue reading

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Sex in Georgia: The Anniversary

One year ago today, I published a blog post called “Sex in Georgia.” The ensuing shitstorm changed my life (mostly for the better). Let this post be considered a retrospective, a reevaluation, an update. Things change, things stay the same. … Continue reading

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