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Open Questions Regarding Cumin

Well, first of all, I’ve already announced this on Facebook, but there’s cumin in Tbilisi. The Turkish market on Aghmeshenebeli next to the Turkish restaurant Cappadocia sells it – in fact you can smell it as soon as you walk … Continue reading

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Popular Etymology

When I learned the word for neighbor – “mezobeli” (მეზობელი) – I immediately noticed that it contained the word “ezo” ეზო, which means “yard.” It might not be immediately obvious to everyone what the relation is there, but I don’t … Continue reading

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Language Lesson: Blog and Wiki

Today I noticed on my facebook feed yet another friend I met through TLG misusing the term “blog” and went in search of some sort of evidence that this usage – which I have noticed over and over again since … Continue reading

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