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Easter, Religion, and my Georgian Family

So I have this dilemma. Last year after Easter I was faced with the challenge of explaining to my students and coteachers that saying “Christ is risen” is a violation of the uneasy truce that exists in much of America … Continue reading

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The Long Winter

Well, this is now the longest I’ve ever been outside of the US. This is the first year I haven’t spent Christmas with my family – but scratch that, because I have my own family now and I spent Christmas … Continue reading

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New York Hit List Revisited

Background info: this happened. Foods to eat: A Blockheads Burrito – CHECK My stepmother’s chicken cutlets – CHECK A Black and White cookie – FAIL BAGELS – CHECK A Bonnie’s Burger – CHECK Cheerios – CHECK Items to buy: Cumin … Continue reading

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Is there anyone out there cause it’s getting harder and harder to leave

I know, that’s not the lyric. But it is. Getting harder to leave, that is. This summer I would like to travel around Europe and Asia instead of visiting New York. I’ll have the details of that once they’re confirmed; … Continue reading

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