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Goodbye to TLG

For those who have been wondering, I am still in Georgia. However, I have left TLG, and not without some bitterness. I haven’t been telling my story because I haven’t wanted to slam my former employer – it’s just bad … Continue reading

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Getting Older (In Georgia?)

Clearly, 30 is the year in which I constantly introspect about my age. I recently became aware that the recession of my hairline can no longer be denied – I’ve known it was creeping slowly back since my mid-20’s, but … Continue reading

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I Didn’t Know Georgians Knew This!

Forgive the slightly snarky title. I imagine most of my Georgian readers know things like how sicknesses spread, but the people that we TLG volunteers interact with on a daily basis really seem not to. TLG sent us an email … Continue reading

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