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Teaching: The First Semester

I realize that I don’t talk about teaching very often. Make that, I hardly ever talk about teaching at all. That’s about to change. Because I’m going to talk about it right now. So there. TLG is basically meant to … Continue reading

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TLG Firings

My last post apparently generated a lot of heat for TLG. That was not my intention. I spoke with a TLG official recently. She told me at that time that TLG was undertaking performance reviews and that firings would occur … Continue reading

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…another life

This is really hitting me hard. So, as many of you know, we TLG teachers went on break for a period of two to five weeks, depending on our personal circumstances and preferences. My break was fairly short, so I’ve … Continue reading

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Beer! (at Bavarian Brauhaus)

One of my favorite topics. I could wax philosophic on beer for days. Just ask anyone who knows me. Until last Sunday, I hadn’t found a place in Georgia to go for some more different beer. You see, Georgian beer … Continue reading

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This is my second cold since coming to Georgia. The first one took about two weeks to fully go away. I have a pattern with colds – they start in my nose, then sort of move back to my throat … Continue reading

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One of the things that probably hasn’t come through sufficiently on this blog is how miserable I was in the year before coming to Georgia. I was reading my facebook statuses from last year – spurred by a friend’s comment … Continue reading

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Rakı var mı?

Editor’s Note: Notice that the title, “Rakı var mı?” – which is in Turkish – contains two letters that look like the letter “i” but without the dot. Blame Atatürk, who instated the current Turkish alphabet by fiat in 1928, … Continue reading

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