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Talking Past Each Other: Western vs. Georgian Perspectives on Harassment

Yeah, the title is a mouthful. I realized something, just now, that I regard as so important that instead of going back to sleep (it’s 6am and I’ve had less than five hours) I’m going to stay up and post … Continue reading

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Bridenapping is Rape (and Rape is Bad)

The other day I was talking about movies with a Georgian friend. “Have you ever seen The Pianist?” she asked. “I don’t think so… what’s it about?” “It’s by Roman Polanski,” she said. “The rapist?” I asked. “Oh, you Americans. … Continue reading

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I Love New York

When I started this journey sixteen months ago, I would have said that everything about New York made me miserable. I would have been wrong. I was having a hard time back then. It was always difficult for me to … Continue reading

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My flight from Warsaw to New York was delayed by about two and a half hours. Rather than boarding at 11:45, we ended up waiting until 2:30. Another TLG volunteer and I passed the time in the airport lounge, chatting … Continue reading

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New York Hit List

Every once in a while I realize that there’s something from America that I want but can’t get in Georgia. I try to make a mental note (lately, I’ve been making real notes, which are somewhat more effective, assuming I … Continue reading

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Blog Renovations

Tonight I did something I should have done over a year ago: I started tagging and categorizing my posts. You can now see a tag cloud over to the right, although it only covers the twenty or so most recent … Continue reading

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Language Lesson: Blog and Wiki

Today I noticed on my facebook feed yet another friend I met through TLG misusing the term “blog” and went in search of some sort of evidence that this usage – which I have noticed over and over again since … Continue reading

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I Didn’t Know Georgians Knew This!

Forgive the slightly snarky title. I imagine most of my Georgian readers know things like how sicknesses spread, but the people that we TLG volunteers interact with on a daily basis really seem not to. TLG sent us an email … Continue reading

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Filthy Americans

IT’s amazing to me that after over a year in Georgia I’m still learning new, very basic and fundamental things about the culture. When I first got to Tbilisi, I was very surprised at how clean and comfortable the inside … Continue reading

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