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“Georgian Mentality”

What does it mean when a Georgian refers to “Georgian Mentality?” I’ve heard the phrase used by Georgians in one and only one context: to refer to attitudes or behaviors that reflect aggression, belligerence, or a tendency to resort to … Continue reading

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The American Educational System: Not Really All That

In many ways, Georgians seem to idolize America. I benefit directly from the perception that America is great – after all, it’s one of the main reasons why we’ve all been invited here to teach English – however, I do … Continue reading

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Beer in Tbilisi

I’ve been holding off on posting this for long enough. I haven’t gotten to go everywhere and try everything, yet, but there’s always more to be done and if I wait until I do it all I’ll never post. So … Continue reading

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Food Philosophy: Quantity

I’ve been writing some contributions to the Footprints Recruiting website’s Georgia Information section – check out the Food in Georgia section to view my first two articles – but of course they’re just glosses because there’s so much to say … Continue reading

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International Women’s Day: Women in Georgia

It’s International Women’s Day, and I am taking this opportunity to write a post about the situation of women in Georgia. Disclaimer: I am well aware that there are women in all parts of the world, including the tiny obscure … Continue reading

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Public School 51

I’ve now promised several people several times that I would write about my new school. Of course, having been there for under two weeks, it’s hard to have a real impression beyond the honeymoon phase. However, I might as well … Continue reading

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Responsibility in Teaching

Yesterday I was giving a lesson to one of my seventh grade classes. The class had read an excerpt from a story, and were basically asked to memorize the excerpt and come back to class ready to recite it and/or … Continue reading

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